Chapter Leaders

It is important to understand that learning should never end, especially in our understanding of Sigma Tau Gamma and the Fraternity's purpose. During your time as an undergraduate member of the Fraternity, you will have the opportunity to exemplify our Principles many times. Keeping in mind that the Path of Principles is a lifelong member development program, consider recording your progress with your Member Record and Manual throughout your collegiate and alumni years. Below you will find more information about tracking your advancement.

As an undergraduate member of Sigma Tau Gamma, you earn your first six points by completing the initial eight weeks of the Path of Principles program. For each semester thereafter until graduation, you have the opportunity to earn one point in each Principle category each semester toward the next level.

Earn one point for each semester of collegiate membership.

Earn one point for each semester with a 2.75 GPA or better.

Earn one point for each semester serving in an elected chapter or campus office.

Earn one point for participating in a Fraternity or interfraternal conference (not campus-based).

Earn one point for each semester you complete 10 hours of charitable service.

Earn one point for each semester that your dues and fees are paid in full on time.