Associate Members

The purpose of Sigma Tau Gamma is to promote the highest ideals of manhood, brotherhood, and citizenship according to the Principles of our Fraternity. The pursuit of these three highest ideals is a journey. Each day we travel further along the path of what it means to be a better man, better brother, and better citizen.

For this reason, joining Sigma Tau Gamma is not similar to joining a club. It is a lifetime commitment not made alone, but made by, with and to brothers. This mutual commitment strengthens each of us.

You will start this journey with the Path of Principles, beginning with eight weeks of training. The next few pages of this site with help you with those eight weeks. Each week’s information is organized into four parts:

  1. Group Tasks - You will complete these with the other new members of the chapter at the associate meeting that will be held each week, separate from the chapter meeting.

  2. Personal Tasks - Complete these on your own. Be aware that many features of the Path of Principles program are designed to help you with college and life in general, not just Fraternity membership. Also remember, you will only get out what you put into this program.

  3. Events - These are activities, meetings, and ceremonies that will occur in a given week. Hover over them for more information.

  4. Resources - This area provides links to websites and documents that may help you in your understanding of the particular topics for one week.