Alumni Members

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When we took our oath of membership during our Initiation Ceremony, we made a lifelong commitment to Sigma Tau Gamma. During the 4th Degree Ceremony, we reaffirmed that lifelong commitment. Naturally, the most intense years of membership are the undergraduate years. We thought of ourselves as "actives." It was an unfortunate term. In fact, the term "active" or "active member" never appears in the Constitution, Laws or Ritual of Sigma Tau Gamma. Rather, we were undergraduate or collegiate members. Now, if you have left school you are an alumni member.

We understand that the level of involvement changes when one becomes an alumni member. Still, there remains a vital and important role for alumni in Sigma Tau Gamma.

There are several ways to remain involved in Sigma Tau Gamma as an alumnus. You may serve as a chapter advisor, participate in a chapter alumni association, or serve as a regional volunteer officer. If there is not a chapter near you, you may join or start an alumni chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma. You can also participate by attending Grand Chapter or one of our five Regional Conclaves.

You may not know how to best use your talents to help Sigma Tau Gamma. We want to help you find the role that best suits you and the needs of the Fraternity. For more information on volunteering, please visit the Sigma Tau Gamma website and fill out our Volunteer Interest Form.