About Path of Principles

Sigma Tau Gamma is a national college Fraternity founded in 1920 by veterans of the First World War. Founded as a society of men who endeavor to promote the highest ideals of manhood, brotherhood, and citizenship, its members dedicate themselves to a set of six principles.

The Path of Principles is a lifelong member development program that begins by training associate members in the basics of the Chapter Management Program and the expectations of the individual member.  After those first eight weeks, brothers continue their journey through life, striving to complete the seventeen steps to the highest levels of leadership, service and brotherhood in Sigma Tau Gamma.

Chapters that want members who attend and participate in events, provide quality input and leadership within the meeting, and act in accordance with our Principles, will find that the Path of Principles Program is designed to address those issues.

In the Path of Principles, associate members will organize themselves into a model chapter, with meetings, officers, events, and standards that parallel that of the full chapter. Using the first eight weeks of membership as an opportunity to “practice” being good Sig Taus, new members will join the chapter ready to be involved and productive initiates that won’t need to spend several semesters “putting in their time” before they gain the respect of the chapter.